Regular Blush Pink Satin Scrunchies

Rs. 250

Our satin scrunchies are soft and gentle on every hair type!
Perfect for your everyday look, to your nighttime routine!

Our Satin scrunchies are the perfect addition instantly elevate your everyday hairstyles. Scrunchies are handmade using quality fabric and durable elastic. They are gentle on all types of hair, helping to reduce pulling or snagging and breakage.

The satin scrunchies fight frizz while you snooze and prevents breakage. Smooth satin scrunchies keep your hair healthy and strong with satin scrunchies. Prevent breakage, frizz, ponytail bumps, and split ends with these damage-free hair ties.

  • Designed to avoid hair creases.
  • Made with Satin to be gentle on your delicate hair.
  • Specially selected elastic 
  • Set of 1
  • Made in India

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